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The advent of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has disrupted the traditional nuance and investment sectors. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is the hottest trend in cryptocurrency right now and is the best product of cryptocurrency, so far. DeFi has outperformed the traditional nancial systems that are controlled by a centralized governing authority. DeFi, on the other hand, is decentralized, and the storage of data is widely distributed across nodes of blockchain, making the data tamper-proof.


Getting started with DeFi is the biggest challenge for beginners in the industry. There is a need for tools that allow people to make DeFi more secure, more intuitive, and more predictable. Polytools is the platform you are looking for that offers various insight tools, enormous amounts of data for enhanced decision making, and deep market analytics to know every possible detail about a DeFi project.

Why are we developing on polygon?

Polygon is an answer to some of the major challenges that face Ethereum today — such as high fees, poor user experience, and low transaction throughput. The growing nature of Defi on polygon is rapid, but without necessary charts or tools,an investor may struggle in investment optimisation. This is where we fit in


The cryptocurrency market is volatile, unlike the traditional stock markets, as they operate 24×7 every day. The market capitalization and trading volumes are really high, which makes the price of the tokens actuate. When you are getting your feet wet with crypto, trading could be really risky without an in-depth analysis of market trends. One wrong move at the beginning might put an end to your crypto journey. The risks are due to the market that widens daily and comes full of uncertainties.

New investors definitely need a tool that eases their hassle and makes trading’s prosper. There are certain self-centered DeFi projects that focus more on maximizing their ports rather than bringing value for the investors. Choosing a proper DeFi platform becomes the need of the hour.

key Features

With proper investment strategies, Polytools takes your investment to a new height.

Polytools offers a 2% reflection for holders on every transactions.

PolyView offers social trading technical analysis by the community for the community.

PolyTools & Charts


What if you can analyze and execute all of your trading strategies, regardless of the platforms they are deployed on, under a roof? Polytools allows you to access and assess various staking pools, yield farming applications, and a multitude of project attributed in one place with incredible ease. DeFi platforms when approached strategically can make the year-long movements in stock markets occur in minutes.

With the mass adoption of cryptocurrency among the developed and underdeveloped countries, there are many advancements made in the cryptocurrency space, which includes some ease in the regulations and KYC to make it easy for the entrants. The tedious ICOs were replaced by simpler and faster IEOs. So, the pace at which one can enter emergent projects is significant to maximize the benefits.

Since DeFi being the new normal, one needs to make quick and meaningful decisions in real-time regarding the happenings in the decentralized markets. Since the existing tools in the market failed to provide valuable insights on the projects, Polytools created by industry experts aim at providing real-time pieces of information to help the entrants.

What it offers

Real-time data

Multiswap Pairs

Favourite Pairs

Token Pairs

Pair Explorer

Pool Explorer

Stable coin Pairs

P&L Tracker

Price Alerts

Sniper Bot

Trade Analysis


potential solution

PolyView – The social art of trading

Unlike any other platform, we are the first to introduce Charting reviews and technical analysis for Decentralised exchanges that are contributed to by the community, PolyView. PolyView will give opportunity for traders to analyse tokens openly with a wide community engagement opting for possible rewards of$POLYX tokens.


Polytool aims to convert the data offered by blockchain and other APIs to easily interpretable graphics in a fast and intuitive manner. It is practically impossible for any investor to search the data manually and process them for an insightful decision. This might a too much time than you think it would. Polytools make it easy for you to do the interpretations and data analysis itself. The following are the features that make Polytools stands out from the crowd

We strive to equip investors and traders with necessary trading tools and charts to empower them in making correct decisions when trading.Our vision is to grow the cryptosphere, built with the goal of achieving decentralisation. We provide investors as well as traders the opportunity to utilise Dex trading efficiently and effectively.

Road Map



Polytools charting for Dexes on polygon (quickswap initially)
Projection of buy and sell orders
Private sale
Presale and listing
PolyNews: Analaytical news aggregators rss feeds for latest news updates.
PolyFav: favourites token upvotes – Get your token to the top to be featured.
PolyView: Dex listings review with pinescripts – Share your technical analaysis on
our platform & receive rewards.
PolyStake: Staking implementation – Stake lp to earn $MATIC or $POLYX
PolySwap: Direct swapping – atomic swap



Implementation of oscillator widgets
Guide to guide tutorials on pine script and oscillator usages
Limit orders for Dexes.
Bot implementation on telegram from price alerts for polygon supported projects
additional dex support on Ethereum with scaled charts.
pairs and pools explorer


Adoption of other Dexes from other platforms with multiple chart views and
multiple swaps
Profit and loss tracker with notification alerts.
Mobile app/wallet for holding your tokens securely powered by matic and
Ethereum. Earn multiple rewards for using Polytools Wallet
Chart integrations/limit orders and trading in our Mobile dapp.
Mobile alerts for drastic price changes in tokens.


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